Innovation for Safety

A device which can kill hazardous microbes from air!

NABL certified lab says : Yes! Vayu Rakshak can reduce the viral load upto 99%

The Vayu Raskshak device emits calibrated electrostatic charges onto nearby surfaces and air. The electrostatic charges seats to a surface and the surface will become like polycationic surface. As per research mentioned above virus will not be able to sustain.

It can generate 100 million negatively – charged ions a second that are electrostatically attracted to positively-charged airborne particles or aerosol droplets and attaches to them in large numbers

The Vayu Raskshak utilizes a high potential electrical source emitting charges into the air. These particles can charge up other objects over a distance depending on physical size and insulation above ground.

Your loved ones deserves virus free air!

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